Some Thoughts on Inspiration

A pencil resting on a blank notebook Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels

You have more ideas than you realize. All it takes is to pay attention. Often I get so caught up in my thoughts that I don’t even notice what I’m thinking about. But when I am mindful, I can catch ideas before they leave.

Write it down. Carry a piece of paper or a notebook everywhere. “Never leave the scene of a good idea without taking action.”

Good ideas often happen at inconvenient times (in the shower, walking in bad weather, etc.). If I’m not near a piece of paper, I make sure I find one as soon as possible.

Most inspiration won’t just come to you—you have to find it. Anything can provide inspiration—something someone said, an odd advertisement, an experience you had. After getting into the habit of searching, you’ll have a gut reaction when you notice something useful.

I find that when I spend most of my time consuming through technology —watching videos, internet surfing, reading blogs—my mind goes quiet. Even though the activities are mindless, it’s as if my brain has used up all its energy and gone to sleep. But when I set aside time for low-stimulation activity, like yoga or reading, my mind starts to wake up and think useful things again. Our muses can give us all the ideas they want, but it won’t do any good if we are asleep.

Written on February 10, 2019